Driving Impressions, Inc.


Flexiframe Advantages
 • no repainting
 • no graphics to remove
 • no damage to repair
Client Examples
• levi’s
• gi joes
• sports chalet
Put Your Marketing Into Motion
 • Brand Awareness
 • Co-op Campaign
 • Seasonal Promotions
 • New Product Introduction


Your fleet is your best outdoor advertising vehicle
The Driving Impressions Inc. Difference
Drive real energy into your sales and marketing programs with Driving Impressions. We offer a full line up of vehicle and fleet graphics to enhance your marketing program. Bring more awareness to your brand, create a co-op campaign or introduce a new product. And deliver your message in a new and exciting way.

Quick and Easy to Use and Re-Use!

From start to finish in as little as 15 minutes our skilled installation team can install the Flexiframe rail system, insert your new display and have your fleet out marketing your message.